"I think your site is a great idea, in order for people with bipolar to share their thoughts and ideas and experiences. I appreciate the blogroll also, and added you to mine. " Anonymous

"Oh wow! It is simply beautiful here! What a wonderful haven...let me absorb it all and I will see what I can contribute." Anonymous

"This is not my story--but I will be posting one of those soon. Just wanted to thank you for bringing this blog to my attention. I already wrote a post about it and have linked to you. I'm in the process of reading some of the moving stories already compiled. Great job!!" Anonymous

"I want to be a part of this please!!! Am adding this to a collection of health promotion links. I am building at the moment." Anonymous

"Thank you for doing this. It's an absolutely FANTASTIC idea! I love PostSecret and always look forward to reading it on Sundays. Also, there is a blog out there called The Body Image Project, that does something very similar to what you're doing here.I'll definitely add a link here on my mental health blogroll, and subscribe with my feedreader." Anonymous

"I think this blog is a brilliant idea. It gives people a place to speak up and share their stories without having to make the commitment of keeping their own blog." Anonymous