Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sit By Me

Sit by me at work and break down my work into chunks. Set me deadlines of 2 hours of work to do at a time and look at the work. Tell me if I am doing well, or not.

Listen to all the most fantastic ideas I have for making work easier, how it should be run and get the powers that be to implement them, but don't make me responsible for running the program: although I come across as articulate and organised, I'm not!

Tell me when to stop training at the gym, don't let me over do it. Tell me how much I should be doing
Be there when I start to lose my temper - especially with my ex. I might well hit someone. Translate meanings of what people say to me. Am I the only one who has no idea what's being said, yet I use the language myself. What does it mean when they say these things?

You'll just have to put up with the incessant questions about people. Help me get the right reaction to situations. I've really no idea. Help me get to sleep or allow me to sleep when I need to. Be with me - most of the time. I hate being alone.

Make me do a hobby instead of working all the time. Watch TV with me and laugh with me. That'd be great. Allow me to cook and serve you.:I'm a great host and I like to make people happy. Challenge me to follow you walking up a mountain or cycling across the UK. I'd do it! But my body is so knackered from over training. That won't stop me.

Give me a sedative when I really need it. Provide a stable income so I don't feel pressured to work. Love me and make sure  know it . I would love you back so much more. Talk to me. Tell me about how you feel about things, so I can gauge my own feelings.

Tell me not to be so hard on myself. Make sure I can get medical advice the same day as I need it. Don't talk to me when I say I don't want to talk. Encourage me to get out and walk the dog - when the moods bad - if you can.

I hope others can relate to this. I just quickly wrote this list as I'm feeling mixed tonight. Oh..and please please comment!


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