Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Monster

It starts with one thought appearing inside my head,
That breeds and expands so quickly.
Like a disease in controls and effects my whole body,
My heart racing and beating so quickly.

Its not real, its only a thought’ I say
‘It’s not like it will even come true’.
But the fact that I thought it is enough for me
To think that it could come true.

My heart thumps faster, my skin becomes sweaty,
As if I was running, being chased,
By a monster that is created of all my deepest fears
And knows I fear being chased.

The deeper I go, all rationality disappears,
And the darkness spreads over my mind.
Feeling like someone is suffocating me.
If only id realise it was all in my mind.

‘Go away bad thoughts’ I try to say
but its too late, the disease has spread.
This one thought is now thousand of thoughts
And is continuously trying to spread.

The sickness comes, along with the tears,
Trying hard to control this monster.
It will wear me down until I am too weak to fight
Victory for the monster.

When it gets this bad, I feel there’s only one way
To remove the monster from my mind,
For if I think no more then the thoughts can spread
But till then I continue to live with the monster.



editor said...

There are interesting stories on your blog,reading them make one feels that this life is full of problems or challenges.

I believe there is no challenges or problem that do not have a solution,it all depend on how we react to them.Keep up the good work.Thanks

Jamie said...

Wow, I'm always terrified that my bad thoughts will come true and try to be in control of those thoughts all the time. It can become pretty freaky. Thanks for sharing!

Our Family said...

Exactly. You get it in your knower. I am not alone.